museum of Motoori Norinaga
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Norinaga's grave

Motoori Norinaga's study. He loved bells, so he named his study Suzu-no-ya (Room of Bells). He hung 36 small bells, which were connected to each other with red strings, in his study room to enjoy their sound.

His study was a room of only four and half tatami (about eight square meters). It was an old tea room that had been remodeled and attached to the second floor of his home.  At age twenty-eight Norinaga returned to Matsusaka to practice as a physician. He busied himself with examining patients, making house calls, and preparing medicinal candies for children. He always pulled up the ladder to Suzu-no-ya so that he could study without interruption.  The building of Suzu-no-ya was originally the residence of Motoori Norinaga and was reconstructed in the present location as a museum.