museum of Motoori Norinaga
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Welcome to the museum of Motoori Norinaga!

What do you think about Japanese behavior pattern or customs?
Haven't you ever had questions like these?

Why are Japanese people moved by changing of the seasons?

What do "gods" mean to the Japanese?
Japanese people believed that gods were everywhere around them, and some still do.
Can you imagine the world in that way?

Japanese people, including the "Mikado," the emperors themselves, have continued to make "waka" from ancient times to present day.
Why do "waka", Japanese poems, have such deep meaning to the Japanese?
What kind of language is Japanese?

And why is rice so special to Japanese?
Don't you think they are too obsessed with the grain?

Motoori Norinaga was a Japanese classical scholar and medical doctor who lived in Matsusaka, which is near Ise Shrine. He studied Japanese classical literature like the "Kojiki (the Records of Ancient Matters)," "The Tale of Genji," and "waka." His study of ancient Japanese thought and culture, "Kokugaku," gives us deep insights into Japanese cultures, religions, and world views.

You will find answers to all those above interesting questions in his museum.