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Norinaga's grave
Norinaga's Grave

motoori norinagaMotoori Norinaga passed away September 29, 1801. He was 72 years old. This is his individual grave called "Okutsuki." His body was buried here according to his last will and testament. You can't reach the site without walking because it is deep within the Matsusaka Yamamuroyama hill area.

Behind the gravestone is planted a yamazakura (mountain cherry blossom) tree, which Norinaga loved in life. It has been blooming beautifully every spring. However, because the yamazakura tree is very tall, you may wish to bring binoculars if you wish to see the flowers clearly. If the weather is clear, you can even look out over Ise Bay. Norinaga is sleeping forever at the base of the yamazakura enjoying this beautiful view.