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Norinaga recorded everything
Portrait if Norinaga
Perspective of Norinaga
Norinaga as a Doctor
Norinaga as a Doctor

Norinaga's regular occupation was a doctor. He worked as a doctor in the daytime and devoted himself to his studies at night. When he was 23 years old, he went to Kyoto to study medical science.  At age 28 Norinaga returned to Matsusaka and opened his own medical practice at home.

Medicine Case
Medicine Case   This is Norinaga's medicine case. In this case, he kept his medicine-making tools, components, and the medicines he prepared. On the paper covering the medicine case, in Norinaga's own hand-writing, is written he word "kusuribako" (medicine case). In the Edo period, it was common for doctors to visit their patients, so Norinaga would bring this case when he made house calls.

Medicine Spoon and Mortar
Medicine Spoon and Mortar   Norinaga practiced Chinese herbal medicine. He prepared medicines by himself. This is a complete set of tools Norinaga used for making medicine. The medicine spoon is used for scooping medicine, and the mortar is a bowl used for grinding medicine.

Advertisement for Amegusuri (Candies Made with Medicine for Children)
Advertisement for AmegusuriAdvertisement for Amegusuri
Norinaga even developed new medicines on his own.  This is an advertisement made by Norinaga for his new medicine "amegusuri." By wrapping the medicine in sweet hard candies, it was made possible to give medicine to children who detested bitter medicines. This medicine was very well-received. You can see how much of a lover he was of "thinking"!

Saiseiroku (Medical Record)
Saiseiroku (Medical Record)
  This is Norinaga's patient medical record. On it is written the names of the patients he visited that day, and the number of medicines he mixed.
Patients with a circle written above their names were first-time patients.